Sustainability - Materials

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Sponsored by ISKO 

All the denim used in this collection is from ISKO denim. ISKO is fully committed to the integrity and traceability of the fibers and materials used in our patented products, and we strive to have every single process and input ingredient certified to the highest possible standards to underpin ISKO’s responsible innovation.

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Sponsored by Orient Craft Ltd. 

Organic cotton enables farmers to feed, clothe, educate their families, and afford healthcare. It uses less water than conventional cotton. It locks CO2 into the soil, building soil fertility. It is non-GM and grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. This reduces farmer health problems and the burden of pesticide debt. Orient craft's organic cotton is certified by the world’s leading standard for organic fibers,

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Sponsored by Orient Craft Ltd. 

Silk is the ultimate luxury filament occurring in nature. They are working to convert from conventional to organic silk. This silk is dyed using low impact GOTS certified dyes.

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Spoonflower is a sustainable platform. It is the heart of their making, reducing the use of materials, energy, and water by choosing a pigment printing process instead of reactive dye. Minimizing fabric waste by only printing what is needed, plus recycling and transforming any fabric wast. Ethically sourcing materials from a small group of trusted vendors

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JOANN Fabrics

100% Cotton thread used to sew the garments together. There are 3 colors that were used to make this collection: navy blue, light pink, and white.